Bike Trailer
Our friends at the The Growing Project are having a trailer design contest.  Their Glean team needs a way to transport the vegetables they harvest, and they would like to to transport them by bicycle.  That means they need some tough purpose-built trailers to get the job done.  This is where you come in!
There are three major goals for the trailers:

1)    Haul vegetables, fruit and other food from farms surrounding Ft. Collins to the Food Bank for Larimer County and other organizations serving the underserved
2)    Haul compost and materials yet-to-be composted
3)    Haul tools such as shovels, rakes, buckets, etc

So get those old mind gears churning, and lets crank out some trailer designs!
Trailer designs are due April 8th.  Designs will be displayed throughout April at The Bean Cycle before the design winners will be selected.  Winning designs will be built May 15th and 16th.
Learn all about the design challenge here.