Thanks Simon and Justin for an ingenious idea for recycling old tubes!

Check out our new bungee cords! Made of recycled innertubes and spokes volunteer Simon and shop manager Justin were hard at work crafting these awesome creations on Friday during Open Shop. Only $1 apiece, entirely recycled materials, and highly functional (all of us who are using them now think so). The author of this post likes them a lot better than commercially packaged products.
bungee cords

How to Turn a Blown Out Bike Tire into a Fancy Headband

One great thing about the Bike Co-op is that nothing goes to waste. Abandoned bikes are fixed up and given new homes with owners that will appreciate them, and clunkers are gently dismantled and recycled into replacement parts and even reassembled into completely new two-wheeled marvels. But what about when the parts are beyond repair?Continue reading

Cash for Clunkers

Rusty BikePhoto By Professor Bop

Through Jan. 31 the Cycologist Bike Shop will give you a 10% discount if you turn in a “clunker” bike with the purchase of a new bike. The good news is that the Cycologist will donate your clunker to the Bike Co-op for recycling, refurbing and redeploying to someone in need! Everybody wins.
Visit the Cycologist web site today and take a look in the basement for that clunker that you never use!
Then plan to visit the Bike Co-op to see what we do! (Of course, we’re glad to take that clunker as a donation if you don’t intend to buy a new bike this month).