Cassi returns from the Colorado Trail

cassi_returnsCassi and Tony are back from their tour!! We mentioned them earlier here:

“We are back from our mountain bike tour of the Colorado trail. We had a wonderful 16 day adventure. You can check it out on our website
Thanks for everyone who helped to make it happen. We could not have done it with out you. Also thanks to everyone who helped us raise money for the Fort Collins Bike Co-op. Have a great summer and keep pedaling,

Way to go you two. The Co-op can’t thank you enough!
Cassi and Tony Mason

Polaris High School Freshman to ride the Colorado Trail

colorado_trail_signTo whom it concern:
I would like your assistance in raising money for the Fort Collins Bicycle Co-op. I am looking for sponsors who will contribute directly to the Fort Collins Bicycle Co-op as I spend 2 weeks mountain biking the Colorado Trail. I will cover all my own expenses, carry my own gear, ride during the day and camp out along the 500 miles of trail between Denver and Durango.
I felt I could make my 2 week trip even more rewarding by raising money for the Fort Collins Bicycle Co-op. The Bicycle Co-op is a nonprofit organization that promotes the health, environmental and economic benefits of bicycling in Fort Collins and abroad. They do this primarily by collecting and repairing old bikes and reusing them here as well as in developing nations over-seas.
There are several ways you can support my cause for a more bicycle friendly world. You can go directly to the Fort Collins Bicycle Co-op web site and donate on-line or mail a check to the Fort Collins Bicycle Co-op 222 Laporte Avenue Fort Collins, CO 80521. If you prefer you can pledge a donation now, either a set amount or a dollar-per-mile amount and I will collect from you after I finish in July. If you contribute direcly to the Bicycle Co-op please let me know so I can track it.
Thank you for your support. I appreciate your contribution.
Cassi Mason
Freshman Polaris High School