Get plugged in

1081546_e0b93f4514There are a lot of different ways for you to keep up with the Co-op these days.  We thought we would list all of the different methods here.  Then you can go ahead and pick your favorite.

Mailing lists

News– This list is to keep the general public up to date with things happening at the co-op.  This list receives 2-3 emails a month on average.  To join, just send an email to with nothing in the subject or body.
Volunteers – This list is to keep Co-op volunteers up to date with all of the internal happenings at the Co-op.  This list receives 1-2 emails per week on average.  To join, sign up as a volunteer over at the volunteers page.

The Blog

Since you’re reading this post, I’ll assume you know about our blog.  You might like to keep up to date using the blog rss feed.  You can also have emails sent to you each time a new blog entry is posted.  Sign-up for that over on the left side of the blog page, under the “Follow Us” heading


Of course we have a Facebook page, everyone has a facebook page.
Fort Collins Bike Co-op Facebook page

The blog posts end up there as well, but feel free to subscribe to both if you’d like

Co-op Contacts

If you’re looking to get in touch with us here at the Co-op, check out the Contact page.