The Fort Collins Bike Co-op is having a bike sale on May 7th and 14th from 10am to 4pm.  We’ll be selling lots of top-notch refurbished bikes, some new bikes, and “As is” bikes to fix up yourself. ( at home or at the Co-op’s open shop! ) All styles of bikes are available including commuters, cruisers, fixed gear, single speed, road, and mountain bikes.  New and refurbished bike prices range from $100 to $600.  “As is” bikes and bare framesets are $10 and up.
The Bike Co-op also sells lights, locks, helmets, and innertubes.
The Fort Collins Bike Co-op is a Non-Profit, Community owned and operated bicycle project; as an independent and autonomous initiative, your patronage allows the continuation of our mission by directly supporting our charity, recycling and education programs.
The Bike Co-op keeps thousands of bikes out of our landfill each year while providing bikes for those who need them the most in our community.
On the same days as the bike sale we’ll be holding a kids bike swap.  Anyone can bring bikes in for this event.
-Get the outgrown kids bikes out of the garage and trade them “with a neighbor” for something useful.
-Beginning at 10 a.m. we’ll set aside a portion of our parking lot for a kids bike swap including:
-12, 16, 20 and 24 inch wheeled bikes (and small 26 inch or 27 inch bikes)
-Only Kids bikes please!
-Put a price tag on your bike, a “free” sign, or a “will trade for _______”
-By noon if you haven’t sold, traded or given your bike away, take it back to the garage OR donate it to the bike Co-op!  We’ll find a home for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!