Poet. Rapper. Quaker. Cyclist.
These are words that are rarely used in the same sentence, never mind being used to define the same person. Yet they are specifically the words that one would use to describe John Watts, an off-beat singer/songwriter that explores themes of faith and faithfulness, growing up Quaker, the environmental crisis, war, personal accountability, and inward peace, through performances of the spoken word.
The eclectic artist recently announced that he will embark on his 2010 Two Wheel Tour Tour, and instead of a tour bus or even a friend’s conversion van, he’ll make the trip- from Richmond to Boston- completely by bike.

I’ve known for a long time that the centeredness required to be faithful to the music I’ve written is contradicted by the superficiality and hurriedness in the typical career of a professional musician. – John Watts

The bike Watts chose for this significant tour? An Xtracycle Radish.
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