Handlebars in the rain
image by viwima

The unusually wet weather lately has a lot of cyclists stumped about staying safe on the road…we’re just not used to this kind of moisture in Colorado! A couple of tips for riding in the rain:
-Nobody likes getting sprayed soaking wet while riding. Fenders are a great way to keep rain and road debris off of you while riding. They can help protect your frame from dings by road debris as well.
-Keep your bike’s performance in top shape by drying and lubricating your chain after riding in inclement weather.
-Consider your surroundings and your bike’s responsiveness. Your bike won’t respond as quickly in wet conditions as it normally would, so braking needs to be anticipated with adjusted expectations.
-Rain reduces visibility for everybody, so wearing reflective clothing or accessories (ankle straps, coat tags/pulls/details, Watch for Bikes! stickers…) and working lights and reflectors on your bike is a must -especially at night! Drivers are experiencing reduced visibility too: make yourself as highly visible as possible to reduce the opportunities for accidents.
As always, ride safely!