The shipping container is loaded and on it’s way to Ghana!!  Saturday morning brought beautiful weather, and even more attractive people.  The loading went great, and we were finished before noon!!  451 bikes and a whole lot of spare parts are on their way to Africa!!  All thanks to a great planning by Lera Haines.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, read about our Ghana Bikes Program

The pile before

The pile before (Photo by: Rick Price)
Photo: Rick Price

The Container before

The Container before (Photo by: Rick Price)
Photo: Rick Price

Then we went to work moving the bikes two at a time from the pile to the container.  It looked a little something like this:
[youtube DR9nqAdoI2M]
No, that music wasn’t actually playing.

The pile after

The pile after (Photo by: Curtis Heideman)
Phot0: Curtis Heideman

The Container after

Photo: Lera Haines
Photo: Lera Haines

If you missed out, you still have a chance to help.  We’ll be having a fundraiser to help raise money for the Co-op and our Ghana Bikes Program.  More on that soon.
More pictures can be found at:
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