Industrial Bikes That Get The Job Done

( Work Bikes, Freight Bicycles, Cargo Trikes, Utility Bicycles, Industrial Bikes — or whatever you want to call them — have been been with us for almost as long as the original safety bicycle itself.Continue reading

How to Turn a Blown Out Bike Tire into a Fancy Headband

One great thing about the Bike Co-op is that nothing goes to waste. Abandoned bikes are fixed up and given new homes with owners that will appreciate them, and clunkers are gently dismantled and recycled into replacement parts and even reassembled into completely new two-wheeled marvels. But what about when the parts are beyond repair?Continue reading

Farewell Dan!

danThe Co-op would like to honor our good friend Dan B.  The real world is pulling Dan and his wife away to Baltimore to follow their careers.  Dan has sat on the Co-op Board of directors since it’s inception and has volunteered with the Co-0p since 2007.  The loss of Dan is a large one leaving some large shoes to fill.
During his time with us Dan was a shop head mechanic and the Co-op’s liaison to the city of Fort Collins  He helped create, and in some instances lead, many of the Co-op’s programs including, the lost and abandoned bikes program, BARS, VAC, and our PR group.
Thank you Dan for all of your hard work.  We look forward to your return in two years when you decide to move back. 🙂

Bicycle Army Ride

RidetoRawhideHave you ever been curious about what goes on up at the Rawhide Power Plant?  You’re in luck, the Wolverine Farm Bicycle Army is organizing a ride/tour to Rawhide. Make sure you RSVP soon, there’s only 50 spots available.  You can find more information in this Matterdaily Blog Post.

Trailer Design Contest

Bike Trailer
Our friends at the The Growing Project are having a trailer design contest.  Their Glean team needs a way to transport the vegetables they harvest, and they would like to to transport them by bicycle.  That means they need some tough purpose-built trailers to get the job done.  This is where you come in!
There are three major goals for the trailers:

1)    Haul vegetables, fruit and other food from farms surrounding Ft. Collins to the Food Bank for Larimer County and other organizations serving the underserved
2)    Haul compost and materials yet-to-be composted
3)    Haul tools such as shovels, rakes, buckets, etc

So get those old mind gears churning, and lets crank out some trailer designs!
Trailer designs are due April 8th.  Designs will be displayed throughout April at The Bean Cycle before the design winners will be selected.  Winning designs will be built May 15th and 16th.
Learn all about the design challenge here.

Great News for Fort Collins Cyclists – Google Unveils Bicycle Map Option

If you happen to be a geographer, a map junkie, a traveler, cyclist and a Google fan, get ready to celebrate.  Google has finally unveiled a long awaited bike route finder on Google maps.  Type in two addresses and ask Google to draw you a route for you and your bike and, voila’ – there you have it.  This was worth waiting for!
Google will announce the innovation at the National Bike Summit today in Washington, D.C.  Read the press release about the announcement and follow news and updates about Google Maps’ bike features on the League of American Bicyclists’ blog by clicking here.
This is great, not just for the directionally challenged, but for bicycling in general.  Give it a test ride yourself right now by clicking here to go to Google maps.
Or, check out the YouTube video that introduces the new mapping feature here.
Or, give the map a try right now with the gadget at Fort Collins’ Platinum Bike Plan (left side).

Poet Announces The 2010 Two Wheel Tour

Poet. Rapper. Quaker. Cyclist.
These are words that are rarely used in the same sentence, never mind being used to define the same person. Yet they are specifically the words that one would use to describe John Watts, an off-beat singer/songwriter that explores themes of faith and faithfulness, growing up Quaker, the environmental crisis, war, personal accountability, and inward peace, through performances of the spoken word.
The eclectic artist recently announced that he will embark on his 2010 Two Wheel Tour Tour, and instead of a tour bus or even a friend’s conversion van, he’ll make the trip- from Richmond to Boston- completely by bike.

I’ve known for a long time that the centeredness required to be faithful to the music I’ve written is contradicted by the superficiality and hurriedness in the typical career of a professional musician. – John Watts

The bike Watts chose for this significant tour? An Xtracycle Radish.
Stay in touch with Watts and hear clips from the tour on Facebook and Twitter!

Expand Your Mind While You Spin Your Wheels

[vimeo 5823275]
Riding in the bike lane in Lisboa, Portugal is more than a simple means of transportation. This bike path, situated near a river, is adorned with a poem by Fernando Pessoa, a famous Portuguese writer. The poem is in homage to the river, and provides riders with a visually stunning path to ride along. Let’s just hope they still pay attention to where they’re going.
[Via: Huffington Post]