Around & About the Co-op…

One of our fine mechanics, Gil, working with Rachel on her newest project. Rachel came in and picked up an as-is bike…
…and is turning it into a sweet ride!
Doug and Justin stop by to check out Rachel’s handiwork.

Tour de Fat Volunteers needed

TDF Mainstage image
Saturday, Sept. 1st – TOUR de FAT hits the streets of Fort Collins; Once again this year the Co-op will benefit from a percentage of beer sales and sales of T-shirts and New Belgium merchandise. We still have 50 shifts to fill here. Since we trained so many Co-op volunteers last year in TIPS, we won’t be requiring new volunteers to take this training this year. If you took the training last year, please signup again this year and bring that TIPS experience to the event. Note that if you plan to ride the TDF parade there are plenty of afternoon shifts when you can help and still pedal in the parade. You can sign up for shifts at Tour de Fat here:
Volunteers receive two beverage tokens and a Tour de Fat T-shirt!!
Please try to bring a friend, Mom and Dad, or even Gramma and Grandpa – we’d love to have them help! Help the Co-op make Tour de Fat successful.
More info needed? Contact Doug at

Dynamic Stability

Dynamic Stability Come see this
capstone project
by one of the
Bike Co-op volunteers,
Tess Witler.

Stash That Bike! Bicycle Stations Are Popping Up Around The World

Thousands of bikes are stolen every year in the U.S.
Kryptonite lock, releases a yearly list of the 10 wost cities for bike theft. Philadelphia, Chicago, New York and San Francisco are the worst four. Several studies imply that fear of bicycle theft discourages many riders. Some of them give up biking permanently after having their bike heisted.Continue reading