Quick n' Dirty Bike Ed – Week 3 Hubs

Five strong cyclists braved the first and only rainy day of 2012 to attend the third installment of the Quick n’ Dirty Education Series. We discussed the pertinent details that every Co-op volunteer should know about hubs. Here’s the handout – QnD_Hubs. For those who didn’t attend, I hope you have high-quality, sealed-cartridge hubs so you can roll on trouble-free until the next time we cover this subject. Next week, we’re going to cover wheel truing, spoke replacement surgery, and minor rim repairs. See you there.

Quick n' Dirty Bike Education Series

We held our first installment of the Quick n’ Dirty Bike Education Series this week. The focus was on headsets – what they do, how to remove them, how to service them, and how to install them. Next week we’ll talk about bottom brackets. Wednesday 9/5/2012 at 5:30pm.
Here’s the handout from the first class – QnD_Headsets.

Tour de Fat Volunteers needed

TDF Mainstage image
Saturday, Sept. 1st – TOUR de FAT hits the streets of Fort Collins; Once again this year the Co-op will benefit from a percentage of beer sales and sales of T-shirts and New Belgium merchandise. We still have 50 shifts to fill here. Since we trained so many Co-op volunteers last year in TIPS, we won’t be requiring new volunteers to take this training this year. If you took the training last year, please signup again this year and bring that TIPS experience to the event. Note that if you plan to ride the TDF parade there are plenty of afternoon shifts when you can help and still pedal in the parade. You can sign up for shifts at Tour de Fat here:
Volunteers receive two beverage tokens and a Tour de Fat T-shirt!!
Please try to bring a friend, Mom and Dad, or even Gramma and Grandpa – we’d love to have them help! Help the Co-op make Tour de Fat successful.
More info needed? Contact Doug at president@fcbikecoop.org

Bike to Work Day 2012

Bike To Work Day logoJune 27th is bike to work day here in Fort Collins.  We know what many of you are thinking, “Hey Bike Co-op, isn’t every day bike to work day?”  and you’re right, but June 27th is a special bike to work day.  There will be tons of businesses with booths setup around town handing out free breakfast to cyclists.  Then after work, there are parties at a lot of the breweries in town.  You can kind of think of it as your bike commute birthday with wonderful presents.  Take a look at this years poster/map to find some stations near you.

EDIT: There is much more information over at Your Group Ride

June 16th Bike Sale

We’re having our annual bike sale on June 16th from 9am to 2pm.  Come and find a deal on bikes and bike parts.

Clean out your garage during bike month !

Help fill up the rack at REI
Do you have an unused bike taking up space in the garage? A bike that yearns to see the world and breathe fresh air? The Fort Collins Bike Co-op is seeking donations of decent quality adult and children’s used bicycles to support its many community-based programs.During the month of June, bring your bike to either the Bike Co-op at 331 North College or REI Fort Collins at 4025 South College,… and the Co-op’s team of volunteers will prepare it for a second life.Donate your bike at REI and get a coupon as well !
Donations preferred during regular business hours at the respective locations.
Bike Co-op Weds and Friday 2-5pm and Sunday 12-6pm
REI M – F 10 am – 9 pm, Sat 9 am – 8 pm or Sun 10 am – 6 pm
Remember that the bike you pass every morning in your garage is a priceless resource that can make a huge difference to our community. For more information on the bike drive or any of the Fort Collins Bike Co-op’s initiatives or its mission, visit www.fcbikecoop.org

Climatewise Envirovation Bike

The Co-op recently built and donated a bike to the City’s ClimateWise program.  This bike is fully functional and will “travel” each year to a different ClimateWise partner who exemplifies the meaning of the word Ambassador as it relates to getting the word out to other businesses and the public about their sustainable efforts and how ClimateWise can be a part of their goal setting.  Each year, the Bike will be presented at the ClimateWise Envirovation event.
The bike is a 7 speed, custom built and accessorized to navigate Fort Collins city terrain and local climate safely, comfortably, and efficiently. It’s easily adjustable for different sized riders with minimal tools (included). A rear rack and removable pannier is also included for cargo.  It was built re-using a donated ~20 year old mountain bike and all recycled parts, except a few new parts: namely 1) tires and tubes, 2) hand grips, 3) gear/brake cables, and 4) drive chain
ClimateWise Bike Photos
A special thanks go out to Bike Co-op volunteers: Tim, Sam, John, Doug, Claire, Dave, Ben G., Justin, Tom and Ben who all contributed to this build in some way.
We also want to thank Randy at Ultimate Coatings who donated the powder coat finish worth over $100.
ClimateWise BikeClimateWise Bike Presentation