Listening Sessions

bikesAs a part of our effort to provide community input to help Plan Fort Collins for the next 5 – 50 years, the Fort Collins Bike Co-op announces a series of community “listening sessions” or “Bike Town Meetings” to identify issues and opportunities for the future of bicycling in the city.
To gather as much public input as possible, the Co-op will hold nine public meetings over the next seven weeks.  The information we collect will be delivered to the Bicycle Advisory Committee, the Transportation Board, the planning team for Plan Fort Collins and other groups or organizations as appropriate.
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Safe Cycling Coordinator

Rick Price with Governor Ritter and Dan Grunig of Bicycle Colorado
Rick Price with Governor Ritter and Dan Grunig of Bicycle Colorado

The Fort Collins Bike Co-op announces the appointment of Rick Price, Ph.D. as the Co-op’s “Safe Cycling Coordinator”. The part-time, paid position is made possible by a grant from REI to promote safe cycling in Fort Collins and to teach bicycle safety to 10 – 14 year olds. The Co-op hopes to reach 5-10% of school children in that age group (400 to 800 students) over the next thirteen months under the program.
Price is a board member of the Bike Co-op, one of two founders of the bicycle advocacy group, Bike Fort Collins, and has been active in bicycle advocacy locally for over two decades.Continue reading

Save the Poudre "June Rise" Contest

Every spring, the Cache la Poudre River rises as mountain snows melt. Some years there is abundant snow and the river’s flow is high enough to clean and refresh the river. Other years we have a dry winter and, because there are lots of diversions, there may be hardly any water left in the river in Fort Collins and the river suffers. Regardless, every year at some point the river hits its “peak” snowmelt-driven flow, when the water is at its highest, usually in June — thus “June Rise” — but ranging from about May 15th through June. After that, water levels drop.
What will the river do in 2009? You be the judge in Save The Poudre’s First Annual June Rise Contest. Guess when the Poudre River runoff will peak at the USGS Canyon Mouth Gage, as well as how much the actual peak flow will be in cubic feet per second (cfs).
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