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Welcome to the Fort Collins Bicycle Co-op

The Co-op will be closed on November 23rd

The Fort Collins Bike Co-op is hiring!

The Fort Collins Bike Co-op is a non-profit organization dedicated to Building Community through Bicycling. This mission is applicable to people from any social or economic demographic, including the Latinx community. The Bike Co-op is looking to provide additional engagement with the Fort Collins Latinx community through an increase in cultural aptitude and awareness.

The Latinx Community Coordinator must be bilingual, have at least a working knowledge of bicycle mechanics, and be able to engage the Latinx community in Fort Collins.

This is a part-time position with hourly pay. Click for more details.

Building Community Through Bicycling

  • To keep our community riding, including those who can't afford to buy a bike.
  • To educate our neighbors in all things bike-related including bike maintenance, bicycle education and safety.
  • To keep good bikes out of the landfill and to recycle poorly built or unsafe bikes.
  • To refurbish and donate bicycles for a wide variety of charity events and programs for those in need.
  • How it Works

    The community donates bikes and parts, we help get the bikes running, we give the bikes away to non-profit or for volunteered time. We also provide tools and know-how to anyone that wants it.    More about how it works...

    Our Programs

    In order to best serve the community, the Co-op has several programs set up to specilize in separate areas.    Learn more about our programs...

    Mailing Lists

    Want to keep up with the latest news from the Bike Co-op? Join our News mailing list.

    You can sign-up for the volunteers mailing list over at the Volunteer page


    We can always use your donations, or at least we can recycle them so you don't have to send them to the landfill.   More about donations...

    Lost, Found, and Stolen Bikes

    The Co-op is working with the Police Services to help return bikes to their owners. In return, some of the abandoned bikes are turned over to the Co-op.    More about lost, found, and stolen bikes...


    You might know us as the Bike Against! collective. We started in a garage back in 2003. It's been quite a journey since those days.   More history...